We are looking for casual, comfy, street style inspired clothing, shoes and accessories for women of all sizes.  We select items based on our current favorite styles and what our customers are looking for. You as the consignor receives 40% of the selling price of your clothing. 




Bring your clothes in earlier in the season for maximum selling time. 

Please no hangers-bring your clothing in garbage bags.

2  garbage bags (or equivalent) maximum per drop off per day. We suggest choosing your top pieces you are confident will sell.

Please ensure all items are in perfect condition and cleaned. 

Clothing stays on the floor for 45-90 days or until the end of season. but may go on sale at anytime. 

Items can be donated at anytime due to multiple reasons. i.e. we notice stains/rips, if we change our mind, or simply if they are not getting enough attention (to make room for new arrivals)

Payouts are paid via e-transfer over $20 every Tuesday by request, or any amount as store credit

We are not responsible for loss or damage. Clothing is left at your own risk. 

ALL unsold items are proudly donated to WINS.


We do not accept extremely high end items. 


Your items will not be sorted on the spot. You will have the choice to donate your items, or pick them up. If you choose to pick them up, you will have 5 days from the time we email you to collect your items.

We DO NOT contact consignors with any information regarding your items. It is up to you to contact us to check on your account.

2 medium size garbage bags per drop off!

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Spring/Summer clothing accepted: February-July 15th

Fall/Winter clothing accepted in: August-January 15th




We want to see your beautiful items! Feel free to drop them off during any of our business hours, and within the months listed above. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!! 2 garbage bags (medium sized or equivalent) MAX per drop off, per day.  Please consider only consigning your best quality items, and ensure all clothing is washed and free of stains. This will help in order to avoid overcrowding of donation clothing that we proudly provide to WINS or other charities.

Items that sell best

The brand does not depict if we will take something, but these are the top stores, or similar styles that we look for!

  • Aritzia

  • Banana Republic/Club Monaco

  • Zara

  • Joe fresh

  • H&M

  • Topshop

  • Forever 21

  • Purr

  • Lululemon

  • Nike/Adidas

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Online stores: ASOS, Lulus, Boohoo

  • Gap

  • Old Navy

  • Levis

  • Kate Spade


Please understand that in order to accept an item in our store, we must be confident that we can sell it. Based on our experience we know what will and will not sell. We advise you to not consign items you are unwilling to part with, as we proudly donate all unsold items to Women in Need Society. Items we accept cannot be returned.

Want to know why we may not have accepted your items? Click below! 

Items that don't sell as well

These are things that are rarely ever accepted

  • Business suits

  • Modern formal gowns/wedding gowns/bridesmaids dress and the like

  • Conservative blazers, shirts or slacks

  • Damaged or extremely worn clothing or shoes

  • High end jewelry or watches (gold/diamonds)

  • Unflattering dated styles from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s (including, but not limited to, garments with big shoulder pads, pleated pants and bedazzled t-shirts)

  • Logo printed handbags from Coach or Michael Kors or similar brands

  • Real fur!

  • High end items(over $500)

  • True Religion/Rock and Republic jeans(and similar)

  • Wide leg or bootcut jeans

  • Bathing suits/lingerie

See our pin board for "pinsperation" of the types of style we look for!

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