YYC's Community Closet

Welcome to The Clothing Bar, YYC's community consignment store specializing in affordable everyday styles. We have a passion for our community, the environment, and the amazing people that live within it. Come by for a visit if you're in the mood for some trendy pieces and good tunes. Every hour is happy at this bar! 

Clothing Bar Boutique.

About Our Business

The Clothing Bar was born out of my pure inability to work in a corporate environment. That, combined with a dash of fashion minded entrepreneurship and a passion for second hand garments, and ta-da! The Clothing Bar was born. I had the name picked out when I was just a kid, I just never knew how that would manifest exactly. Fast forward to the present day where I get the chance to be as creative and passionate as I want, and the best part? I have this incredible community of people around me that I get to do that with every day - my heart is full. Thank you for supporting my little shop.  

Katie, Owner

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