Fall Outfit Inspiration

Updated: Jan 2

It’s Thursday evening and after a busy day at The Clothing Bar, Siobhan and I sit down for sushi. I ask Siobhan about her inspiration behind the outfits she’s styled for this month’s issue of YYC In Style and her face lights up. Besides dance, fashion is one of Siobhan’s biggest passions. When she’s not styling herself in store, she’s always looking to curate outfits for others. Often, she leaves you with a packed closet and a not so packed wallet, if you know what I mean (not speaking from experience).

She tells me that her fall style is influenced by oversized pieces, patterns, and a wide variety of boots (a girl can never have too many, but in Siobhan’s case, you probably can). This upcoming season, Siobhan says she’s looking to 90’s sitcoms for her unique ensembles. Think The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends (I’ll be there for youuuu) and Clueless.

Outfit #1 is inspired by a fancy date or night with the babes (or bros), Siobhan calls it, “I see cocktails.” The pieces styled encourage a monochromatic look with a whole lot of neutrals. Siobhan suggests pairing a great linen pant with a chunky knit and a branded shoe. In her own words: “if it’s not over the top, don’t leave the house! Go back to bed and re-plan.” Don’t forget a bold necklace, and some killer confidence!

Outfit #2 is Clueless inspired, either that, or Siobhan caught onto the fact that I'm Scottish and thought it would be a good idea for me to wear some tartan (I’ll be right back, just eating some shortbread). Generic Scottish jokes aside, this look is cute and explores the idea of blending red and orange tones to create a perfect outfit. Siobhan recommends adding some thigh high boots to your wardrobe because they are such a versatile item (you can wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses… dare I go on?). Also, don’t be afraid of turtlenecks, they’re great for layering. This outfit gives back to school (*shudder*) vibes without having to actually go back to school (hopefully).

Outfit #3 is trademarked by Siobhan herself. She calls this look, “Casual Sportswear” and it combines her love for shirt dresses and blindingly white runners. Siobhan suggests pairing this look with some gold jewelry (especially big hoop earrings). Don’t have a t-shirt dress? Siobhan recommends wearing a body-con dress with a cool bomber and a printed runner (for example, a special edition Fenty shoe like Puma by Rihanna or by one of your favourite artists or icons). Siobhan says that her favourite part of this outfit is the long jacket. It’s the same style as a bomber but adds some length so it can be transitioned easily into the winter time (especially when layering items underneath). During our meeting, I asked Siobhan to describe this look in two words: “comfortable mofo.” Can’t argue with that.

Outfit #4 is practical and something you could easily wear to work or a casual coffee meeting. Siobhan says to invest in a couple of fuzzy sweaters this fall and winter. They’re cozy and add some texture to any outfit. Opt for a classic Chelsea boot (the ones styled here have fur) and a leather skirt to keep it polished. Looking for a cute accessory? Try a backpack! This one has a quilted pattern that compliments the printed sweater to perfection.

Outfit #5 is inspired by Rihanna’s stylist, Jahleel Weaver (Siobhan’s God basically). Siobhan says this outfit is a perfect example of consignment shopping done right. She notes that, "shopping consignment allows you to dress like Beyonce or Rihanna on a budget.” Set yourself a couple of hours at The Clothing Bar and you can always find a treasure trove of items to add to your wardrobe. One of Siobhan’s biggest tips for consignment is to look for a good staple pair of ripped jeans. This is because they’re always worn in and look less structured and more relaxed than they do brand new. A good fashion fall tip is to wear an oversized peacoat with a bold print. Pair the outfit with a chunky gold necklace like the one shown here or a printed wedge sneaker (seriously how cute are these?) Want to check out more of Weaver's work? Check out his Instagram here.

The moral of this story is to be you. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable, and as Siobhan always says, “you can always learn from what you did wrong.” Whether you’re trying to channel your inner Phoebe or Rachel from Friends, or any other 90’s sitcom, Siobhan has you covered. How you doin?

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