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Our community is the reason why we're able to exist! We are always looking for areas to grow our local connections and our goal is to ensure that The Clothing Bar is a welcoming and fun place for people to come and shop. Every visit is a treasure hunt, a friendly chat, and a styling session if you want it to be. Our values encompass a community-focused attitude and collaborative nature and we have created a safe environment where all customers and staff can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm. We treat each other and all of our clients with the respect that they deserve. If you would like to collaborate with us or have ideas on how we can work together to make YYC an even better place, we want to know. Send us an email!


Pawsitive Match

Saying we absolutely adore animals is a bit of an understatement (did you know our store is pet friendly?). That's why we love Pawsitive Match and its initiatives to save animals who have been abandoned and neglected within North America. 

Centre for Sexuality

The Centre for Sexuality seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with sexual health, supporting Calgarians to embrace healthy bodies, healthy communities, and healthy relationships. 

Organizations we love and support

Dress for Success

An amazing organization dedicated to providing business attire to women in need. In addition, Dress for Success helps women ace their interviews and give them the tools necessary to thrive in the workplace.

Children's Cottage

Children’s Cottage Society is dedicated to building strong healthy children and safe nurturing families through prevention programs and support services. We work with families to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors as a strategy to promote child development, effective and nurturing parenting, and to support and strengthen family functioning.

Juno House

The Juno house was created with the objective to support girls and young women with their mental health and well-being. They provide a range of services to help girls navigate challenging situations and the pressures that often come with daily life. 

Action Dignity

Action Dignity provides a platform to address issues of diversity, human rights, racial inequities, and public participation. In addition, the organization strives to take the necessary measures to make services within communities more accessible for all. 

Brenda Strafford Centre

We love to support women in our community as much as we can and The Brenda Strafford Centre is an organization that will always have our hearts. One of the many amazing things the organization does is to support women and children fleeing from domestic violence. 

Women in Need Society

Women in Need Society has been helping the city of Calgary since 1992. Their six thrift stores help to fund multiple programs. Also this is where we donate all of our clothing to.

Alpha House

Alpha House was established in 1981 as a place of safety for men and women struggling with addictions, as well as mental and physical health issues. We operate a Shelter and Detox/Transitional facility, Outreach Programs, including the DOAP Team, Encampment Team, and the Needle Response Team, and Housing Programs with intensive case management support. 

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller.

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